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For Kalpa it is said that, this place is a traveler’s paradise. Here tourists can enjoy the beautiful landscapes, lofty snow peaks, deep gorges, lush green valleys, fast flowing rivers, enchanting mountain lakes, beautiful temples and monasteries.  Tourists come here for complete relaxation. There are number of hotel in Kalpa. Some are budget hotels, some are deluxe, some are super deluxe etc. It depends upon your requirement and the money you want to spend on it. All these hotels are located in the lap of the nature and offer their best services and facilities to all tourists. Even the rooms of the hotels are decorated nicely.   

APPLE PIE HOTEL     More Details   

Kalpa which is a small town ranges few hotels and Hotel Apple Pie is one of Kalpa hotels. This is a luxury newly built hotel. It suits all types of tourists. It has gained great popularity for

BLUE LOTUS HOTEL     More Details   

Hotel blue lotus is one of the most spectacular hotels in Kalpa. Situated at the foothills of the Himalayas, it gives attractive surrounding and serene atmosphere to guests. Thick greenery is e

HOTEL CHINI BUNGALOW     More Details   

The hotel Chini Bungalow Kalpa is set up in Kalpa town in Kinnaur. For Himachal tourists, Kalpa has several things worth visiting. If you come over a trip to Kalpa and require a budget hotel, t


The Grand Shangri La Inn is a great stay option in Kalpa. Staying in Kalpa, you must require a good place where you can get shelter with all necessary facilities like food, bath, laundry, parki

KINNER VILLA     More Details   

The hotel Kinner Villa is a renowned Kalpa hotel and it is quite famous among Kalpa people. Located at the altitude of over 2758 m from the sea level, this hotel furnishes astonishing beauty of

RAKPA REGENCY     More Details   

Rakpa Regency hotel in Kalpa is a prestigious and highly beautiful hotel. Due to its exceptional exterior and interior beauty, numerous tourists love getting accommodation in this hotel. Easy t

WHITE NEST HOTEL     More Details   

In Kalpa, hotel White Nest is one of the most commendable Kalpa hotels. The services,accommodation, amenities and hotel features attract Kalpa tourists to be here while their tour to Kalpa. It