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sangla is a beautiful destination in Himachal Pradesh, which is situated at an altitude of 27000 meters above sea level. This place is full of scenic beauty and it is just 230 kms from Shimla. Lots of visitors visit this place every year so this place is also having lots of hotels. There are different categories of hotels starting from the people of economy class to high class. Different hotels according to their standard and rates provide different types of facilities and services to their visitor. Basic amenities are provided by all the hotels. Here people also enjoy the scenic beauty from the rooms of the hotels.


Baikunth Adventure Camp is located along the Baspa River in the Themgarang village. It is located five kms ahead of Sangla town. Here accommodation comprises of 15 deluxe swiss cottage tents. In th

KINNER CAMPS     More Details   

Kinner Camps, Sangla is one of the dream destinations for the travelers. It is located in the Sangla Valley of the Kinnaur Himalayas. This Camp is located amidst the lush green forests of cedar, pi

MONAL REGENCY     More Details   

Monal Regency, Sangla is located at a beautiful place in Himachal Pradesh. Here the visitors have an awesome experience of the open terrace which provides the view of snow covered mountains. There

SANGLA RESORT     More Details   

Sangla Resort is located in beautiful environment amidst apple orchard. It is a nice place to stay in peace and provides very homely atmosphere. Here you will enjoy the comforts and facilities all